What I’m Reading Now, And What I Read Before It

A few years back I picked up this weighty hardcover with dense, tiny print on the 700+ pages called The Quincunx. It was written in 1990, but I was only discovering it some twelve years later. I loved it, and eagerly looked for more by the same author. I was stunned to find that he only had, at the time, three other books. Only three! I love discovering a new (to me) author I like, and then also discovering they have ten, twelve books in their backlog.

In 2014 Palliser released his latest work…Rustication.


Now, before you keel over at the thought of another 700+ page work, this one checks in at 336. Half the length of Quincunx. It’s set in the same locale as some of the author’s other books, late 19th century England. The term Rustication refers to when young men were suspended from school, which is the fate of the novel’s narrator and protagonist. Thus far I’m 100 or so pages in, and loving every word of it.

What I finished up and closed the cover to before this book was another in the Sigma Force series – The Eye Of God


Action thrillers were long something I avoided. I just never found an author whose continuing characters and their exploits really caught my attention (most were military or political in nature) but then I discovered James Rollins and Steve Berry…two ‘quasi-historical action thriller’ authors I enjoy. The Eye Of God, while not my favorite in the series, is an interesting viewpoint on how our government develops amazing technology…and then if something goes wrong…how vital it is to keep it out of the hands of others. An interesting read, though I must say it’s predecessor, Blood Line, had a much stronger plot and story. There is one novel in the series that followed this one last year, and another is due out before the end of 2015.

Lastly – The Romanov Conspiracy


I love the story of the Romanov family. The entire family slaughtered, the possibility that one or two of the children survived, the young woman who surfaced years later claiming to be Anastasia Romanov….fascinating stuff. I read a book called The Romanov Cross a couple of years ago that postulated on Anastasia having spent the remainder of her days, after her family was killed, on a remote island off the cost of Alaska. This book, while it contains, in all honestly, very little of the Romanov family as characters, is an fun, fast paced account of ‘what if’ a person/people had been trying to prevent the family from being killed and was working to get them out of harm’s way.

Happy Reading!


The Translator In The Ears Of Kids….

I often times think that children are all born with a translator somewhere in their ears…or they pick them up somewhere…because what you say and what they apparently hear are two very different things (which obviously is your own fault).

I’ve figured out a few of these things that they hear differently than you say (which obviously is your own fault), and for anyone new to parenting or considering parenting, this might help them avoid some frustration.

What you say:    ‘Go outside and play’
What they hear:  ‘Go outside for four seconds then come back in and complain for the next hour about the long, miserable, torturous eternity of four seconds that you’ve been away from your video games’

What you say:     ‘Time for bed’
What they hear:  ‘Time for you to run around the house like a lunatic and tell me what an awful person I am’

What you say:     ‘Take a bath/shower’
What they hear:   ‘Get naked and sit on the floor going through your trading card collection while water runs down the drain for the next twenty minutes.’

What you say:     ‘Please don’t come in and wake me unless it’s an emergency’
What they hear:  ‘Of course you can come in at 4am with your tablet and wake me to enter a password.’

What you say:     ‘Please don’t leave your clothes on the floor’
What they hear:  ‘Today no clothes on the floor…tomorrow the entire world is your underwear drawer once again.’

What you say:     ‘Goodnight’
What they hear:  If you’ve been saving up forty questions about the deeper, more intricate complexities of episodes of SpongeBob, NOW is the perfect time to discuss them!’

What you say:     ‘Please put your stuff away’
What they hear:  ‘
Please move that pile of stuff from one side of the table to the other side of the same table’

What you say:     ‘No, you may not have a snack it’s too close to dinner’  
What they hear:  
‘Go to the kitchen and sneak something…I’LL NEVER, EVER FIND OUT!!!!’

What you say:     ‘What are you doing?’
What they hear:  ‘Sound does not travel in this house so go ahead and say “nothing” because I really only asked to hear my own voice fearing I might have forgotten what I sound like in the forty-six seconds since I last asked you what you were doing when a strange noise sounded like something I should look into at which time you also offered the non-committal “nothing” as a response’

What you say:     ‘Time to turn off the t.v.’
What they hear:   ‘Go turn on the other t.v. that has your video games attached – I only meant THIS t.v.’

What you say:      ‘I want you to play outside today’   
What they hear:  
‘By play outside I really only mean the time it takes you to walk over to your friend’s house across the street and invite yourself in to play video games at THEIR house because that’s so much better than playing video games at our house’

What you say:      ‘I don’t think a cell phone is a good idea for you yet’
What they hear:   ‘Clearly I’m brain-dead and know nothing and of course you having a 500.00 cell-phone when you can’t even remember to pick up your underwear off the floor daily is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and you’d never misplace it nor destroy it however accidentally.’

These are really just the beginning, the ones I’ve become the most familiar with and feel it my solemn duty as a parent to pass this on to others.

You’re welcome.