What I’ve Been Reading Lately


Over the past few months, I’ve read some really wonderful books. I’ve not posted anything in a while about what has captured my attention, so this is a list of several books that I’ve enjoyed recently.

James Rollins’ Sigma Force series continues to hold my interest. I have read two of the more ‘recent’ entries, The Devil Colony and Blood Line. To compare the two stories, Blood Line is stronger, and more ‘gripping’ of a read, involving a long-buried secret regarding the President Of The United States (in this fictional universe). Both books are entertaining, as the rest of the series has been, and I am continually grateful that my least favorite character of the series, that of ‘Omaha Dunn’ in the first novel Sandstorm, has never made a reappearance. A literary low-rent Indiana Jones (with a name mimicking Jones) came and went quickly, but the series continues to be highly enjoyable.

Simon Toyne’s ‘The Tower’ is the conclusion of the Sanctus Trilogy. All three books in the series, Sanctus, The Key, and The Tower were very clever and enticing to read. I chose to read The Tower (#3) not long after finishing The Key to round out the trilogy, and keep the events of book 2 fresh in my mind. Well worth a look.

Jeffrey Archer’s ‘Paths Of Glory’ was a more recent find in one of my favorite genres, that of isolation/exploration in frozen climates. Concerning early 20th century attempts to summit Everest, this story regards the Mallory expedition, and encompasses Mallory’s early life as a burgeoning explorer through his death. A wonderful read from a more recently (for me) discovered author that I look forward to investigating further.

Jules Verne’s ‘The Lighthouse At The End Of The World’ – One of Verne’s lesser known works that was published posthumously by his son Michael, and even revised and reworked by Michael received a 21st century restoration to Verne’s original tale. Regarding shipwrecks, pirates, and a fight to stay alive against all odds, this brief, fast-paced story ranks up with many of my favorite Verne tales.

The Amazing Absorbing Boy – Another author I’d not heard of, Rabindranath Maharaj, concerns a boy who, upon his mother’s death, is sent to live with his unknown and long decamped father in Canada. There he finds a man very reluctant to take up his duty to his son, and an even stranger cast of characters in this very foreign land. A very engrossing read as this young man strives to find himself in relation to his father, his adopted country, and the world itself.

The Map Of Chaos – Having read the first two books by Felix Palma in his trilogy that re-works well known tales of H.G. Wells, I couldn’t imagine where the story might go to reach its conclusion. Palma borrows ‘The Invisible Man’ as the main antagonist in this book, and works characters from the prior two books into the story as well. As Wells and his wife Jane leap through time trying to save humanity and avoid the Invisible Man who has come to life and intends to stop their attempts to save the world, the story itself leaps back and forth between multiple universes as Wells and Jane, watchers of an infinite number of ‘twins’ in parallel multiverses, attempt to stop the spread of a virus unleashed by Wells. Only a mathematical tome, authored by Wells, called ‘The Map Of Chaos’ can bring a halt to the destruction of life as we know it. A very satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.

Finally, ‘The Fall’ by Bethany Griffin. The third work by the author to expand upon a universe created by Edgar Allan Poe, this pastiche work tells the ‘backstory’ that leads up to The Fall Of The House Of Usher, examining and uncovering Madeline and Roderick’s family curse and how it plagues them, as well as ‘The House’ haunting them and breathing madness into Madeline as she grows to young womanhood. Billed as a ‘young adult’ novel, and a very easy read, there is still a lot to be found here for fans of Poe’s original wanting to know more about the Usher twins and what led to their demise in the original. Fascinating, and set up so that a sequel is entirely possible for the author to produce.

So there you have it, the past few months of what I’ve read. All very entertaining, none in the least bit disappointing.

Happy Reading.


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