What I’m Reading Now – Marina, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

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The Shadow Of The Wind was, for me, one of those novels you keep wishing was an ongoing writing project that never met with an end. Once read, I was a worshipper at the altar of Zafon. His style, his imagination, his prose are intoxicating for me.

I’ve read all three of his ‘Cemetery Of Forgotten Books’ novels (Shadow Of The Wind, The Angels Game, and The Prisoner Of Heaven) – and to my delight discovered that he had also released several novels termed as ‘young adult’ but just as well-written and enjoyable as his so-called ‘grown-up’ books.

Marina is the fourth and final of those novels to be translated and published in the U.S. – I bought it several months ago upon finding an inexpensive used hardcover of the book, and have been devouring it over the past few days.

Set, like his other works, in and around Barcelona, the conceit of the story is a young man who meets a beautiful girl and is instantly drawn into a world of intrigue, past regrets, and horrors beyond imagination. Shadowy figures follow them through the halls of decayed gothic mansions…supposed allies disappear into subterranean tunnels…an exhumation reveals an empty grave…and nothing is as it seems.

A wonderful, wonderful read – atmospheric and brooding, dark and foreboding, instantly captivating and sublime.

I have recommended ‘The Shadow Of The Wind’ to several readers, none of whom has expressed any disappointment with their foray into the mist-shrouded world of Zafon….this book, like all the others, has been a delight to read.


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