I Had A Dream

I could not, for a long time, recall any dreams I had at night, with rare exception. As I learned, over time, I have sleep apnea, and therefore was rarely in REM sleep long enough to have a dream and thereby recall it later on.

Since I started using a CPAP machine, my sleep quality has improved and I also have more dreams and recall the content of them.

There are many resources to tell you what your dreams could or likely do mean. Last night’s dream revolved around my going to prison, convicted to a 10-year sentence. There are a few primary ‘translations’ for dreams of being imprisoned; mostly centered on feeling trapped/censored/stymied in some aspect of your life.

I do not recall, from the dream, being conscious of being a parent and leaving my children for those ten years, so I am left to question if the dream was about the parent ‘me’ or some variation of ‘me’. By that I mean rather than being about ‘me the father’ it could have been about ‘me the friend’, ‘me the brother’, ‘me the husband’, or ‘me the son’.

Based upon a conversation I had with my brother about our dad yesterday, I’m inclined to think it was about ‘me the son’, and feeling powerless over the situation with my Dad and his health. Throw in feeling powerless over our mother’s increasing memory issues and dementia, and it’s safe to say I can pinpoint the foundation of my dream.

But that’s not really the point of this post. This is not a ‘Confession’ post.

I can, from the dream, describe in vivid detail what I saw….what my surroundings were, what people looked like, what I wore, what they were wearing, etc. I had a brown leather wallet (which is what I use in reality) and was in a large room with beige painted cinderblocks. The guard who ‘processed’ me was tall and brunette with no facial hair. The room itself, where I was turning over my belongings and getting into prison garb, was ‘industrial in nature, but light, not dark and drab like ‘prison’ is usually portrayed. There are more details I could list, but that’s the gist of it.

Most dreams that I recall play out in my head like watching a film unfold on a screen before me. I dream in colors. I do not dream in ‘scent’ nor in ‘sound’, as in I cannot tell you if someone in my dream wore perfume, nor if their voice was deep or high-pitched. But the visions remain, albeit sometimes not as vivid as at others, of everything I ‘see’.

Several years ago I was supplying a friend with the material of my dreams, as often as I had them (which wasn’t much) for research that she was doing. As we spent much time discussing interpretation of dreams and dreaming in general, it raised a question for me that I’ve never found a sufficient answer for

What are the dreams like of someone who has been blind from birth?

For anyone who reads my blog, if you know someone who has been blind from birth who would not be offended by the question, I’d love to have you ask them what their dreams are like and please let me know their response.


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