What I’m Reading Now – The Kept, by James Scott

08BOOK-blog427 A couple of months ago, on my birthday to be exact, I stopped into a used book store and this one caught my eye. I often buy books that I then shelve for months, or even years, as the idea and premise intrigues me, but I am always in the midst of reading something, and therefore it goes into the ‘future reads’ category. I am roughly half-way through the book, and really can’t discuss the story thus far without giving away far too much of the novel to anyone who might read it and wants to be spoiler free. I can say that what starts off as a tragedy that unfolds into a revenge tale offers far more than just those two things. Set just before the turn of the 20th century, what initially sparked my interest in the book was the idea of ‘tracking’ someone without the high-tech methods we have in this day and age. Fast-paced and filled with lyrical prose, this book, even the first half, has me wanting more from the same author as soon as he can write them.


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