What I’m Reading Now – The Map Of The Sky by Felix J. Palma


A couple of years ago I read and fell in love with Felix Palma’s ‘The Map Of Time’ – it’s a riff on H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine that features Wells himself as a character.

An amazing variation on a classic story, author Felix Palma had me captivated from start to finish. A hokum ‘time travel’ attraction purporting to transport gullible travelers to the year 2000 to witness the destruction of our planet – a man desperate to save the life of a prostitute with a heart of gold – and the discovery that Wells’ time machine may actually be a reality….it’s a thrilling tale from the opening to the final chapter.

In a second go-round featuring Wells, the author has decided to incorporate another H.G. Wells classic novel, The War Of The Worlds, into his tale.

I’m only two chapters into this book, given the time constraints of the impending holiday this week, but completely enamored once again of Palma’s ability to draw a reader into his tale, especially since he has incorporated Antarctic exploration (a personal favorite in reading matter) as part of the story.  Wells, in the opening chapter, meets an aspiring author who has penned a sequel to ‘War Of The Worlds’ and hopes to elicit Wells’ endorsement for publication. Wells agrees to meet with the would-be sequel author to disparage his work and put him in his place as a talentless hack trying to ride the coat-tails of a decidedly superior novel, and yet finds himself intrigued when the aspiring author incites Wells to accompany him to the British Museum to see a ‘real alien’ in a secret area of the building.

Recalling Palma’s acumen with crafting a highly original tale from a time-honored and well-known existing story, I anticipate loving this sophomore effort every bit as much as I did the first.

If you have not yet discovered Palma’s first H.G. Wells inspired tale, give it a try – then move immediately on to this one. I highly doubt you will be disappointed.


One thought on “What I’m Reading Now – The Map Of The Sky by Felix J. Palma

  1. Having just finished this book today, I can attest to the fact that this story is every bit as good and as satisfactory as the first one, The Map Of Time. I have, since this post, learned that a concluding novel for the trilogy, The Map Of Chaos, will be released in June of 2015.

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