A Few Places I Find Some Of The Books I Read

For me nothing will ever take the place of that giddy, ‘butterflies in the stomach’ feeling that I get upon finding a well-stocked used book store. I do not own an e-reader personally, and don’t know that I ever will. I love the feel and smell of a book too much to give it up.  I’m happy to see that technology makes A TON of free literature available to others who might not have the means to get to a store regularly or have (insert horrified gasp here) any book stores in their area (which would be to me a ring of Hell so low I cannot possibly imagine it), or not a lot of money to spare for literature. To each their own…we all have our reasons for how we obtain our reading material, just as much as for what we choose to read.  I love the classics, and novels from 40, 50, and 60 years ago.  Finding a hardback copy of a ‘gem’ in a used bookstore is for me what I suppose finding a pair of shoes that matches your favorite outfit EXACTLY is like.

That said, there is also some excellent new fiction that I don’t want to miss out on as well.  Those I could get on an e-reader, but for my take on that, please see above. It’s just not for me. For this indulgence, I take to the internet, rather than visit large chain stores (which I do, occasionally, do) regularly and find ‘popular’ fiction taking up most of the shelf space and walking out empty handed.  I look for things that interest me, and if I can support a local store, I will…if not, I’ll order it online.

I love good historical fiction. Therefore, I’m always on the lookout for something to add to my collection.  I find Amazon gives me ‘stuff that other people buy’, and I have to filter out the non-historical fiction from these lists of ‘recommendations’…and therefore go to other sources where it’s purely a list of forthcoming (and past release) historical fiction novels.  There is some ability to categorize what you are looking for on these sites – but overall they are a treasure trove of suggested reading where it’s not limited to what’s ‘hot’, who has the biggest advertising budget, what some website ‘thinks’ you might like to read. number one stop when I’m looking to see what’s coming for release that I might like to read. blog, but a really good blog about upcoming books and past releases. great place to find books with descriptions, reviews, etc. 

Hopefully others find one or more of these sites helpful in finding their next great read.

Happy hunting!


One thought on “A Few Places I Find Some Of The Books I Read

  1. Alison says:

    I love the feel and smell of books too, but not as much as I like being able to carry 10,000 books with me at one time, or read teasers or reviews of a book, then download it no matter where I am….but I’m also really lazy. 🙂

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